How to Lose at Chess. Part 3



Hello dear friends. I am back from vacation and happy to talk more about my two favorite subjects: chess and failure. Now, that we covered basics we get to more advanced stuff. New Rule!

Rule 8. Keep bad pieces

The life is not easy. Sometimes you need to exchange your pieces for some equivalent material. As my old friend used to say, “between Bishop and Knight I choose 3 rubles”. But seriously, exchange is necessary part of the game. And if you want to lose, keep bad pieces. You can easily spot them: bishops who are stuck behind loads of paperwork, knight who is comfortably sitting in the corner office away from the action. Those are your sure bets for comfortable loss. If inexplicably you end up with a good pieces, turn them into bad once: place you active rook behind triple pawns and charge it with support the front runner, place your pawns, those little bureaucrats, on the squares of the same color as you bishop; they will make sure that this runner will not be go here or there. That finesse will not go unpunished and, once again, you got a doughnut hole for you hard work. Way to go!

See you soon for new Rules.


How to Lose at Chess. Part 2

Greetings, chess enthusiasts, both adept and inept! We continue our adventure on the road to failure. Today we are moving on to

Rule 5. Let your pieces go!

You need to remember that chessmen are not people. They are vermin that has no right to walk the chessboard. They are the reason that keeps you away from your armchair in front of a big screen TV. No mercy! It normally takes to let go of a few useless pawns and may be a knight without proper compensation to ruin your chances for success. Salute! You have done it again.

Rule 6. “By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.” ― Benjamin Franklin!

The dude from the painting knew what he was talking about. The preparation is for suckers who want to achieve something. We, on contrary, need not spend hours and hours of hard work learning openings and preparing for new adversary. Come to the game with clean hair and empty brain. Play Pork Chop OpeningWhen your opponent announces in a few moves “Well done!”, do take it as a compliment.

Rule 7. Time is on your side!

Do you remember the times when the game of chess for 16 hours without an end? If you do, you must be really old. Welcome to the modern time of fast shoes. You have got your timelines and stay focused… Well, in our case unfocused. Daydreaming is essential. Let your mind wander. Think of a beach, palm trees, seagulls and a glass of something cold and delightful in your hand… “Sir, your time is up!” Well, that was time well spent. Now your way is open for new and exciting failures.

See you soon for new Rules.