Juiced up Cranberry

Cranberry has been known for quite a while to be extremely effective household remedy against urinary tract infection and general boost to one’s health. It is certainly very refreshing. Especially, when it is pure cranberry. Nothing else. Once I had a friend stopping by our house. To my shame I had little else to offer but some Lakewood Cranberry juice left on the bottom of the bottle. To my suggestion to dilute it with water he simply grabbed the bottle and downed it like a strong man he was. Then he quacked and said: “Now I understand the look on your face. Nevertheless, it was good.” That is the pure cranberry juice. But here is the trick: not every cranberry 100% juice is 100% cranberry juice. Fairly recently I have noticed that most of the juice manufacturers are involved in the deceptive advertising. Not that they violate any law or lie. They are just very selective about how they tell the truth. Let’s take a look how Lakewood (which by my measures is nevertheless the best brand out there) does it.

Please take a look at the front label of the bottle. You see picture of cranberry. You see Cranberry in large print. You see 100% Fruit Juice. It easy to think that you are buying a cranberry juice (which is the more expensive one). But stop! Here is a hint. It is 100% fruit juice. Always take a look at ingredient label. And here you can see that what you just picked is only partly cranberry. The other parts are apple, pear and grape. And you don’t quite know how much of cranberry is there. Basically, you may be buying apple juice with some cranberry in it.
Here is what you should look for:

As you can see this product is labeled as Pure Cranberry. So it says on the ingredient label. This juice has twice less carbohydrates and sugar. Sure, this bottle is about twice more expensive, but you need to dilute it anyway for better taste.

So, next time you are shopping for the cranberry juice, you buy what you intend to.


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