Computer Security As A Social Model

About a month ago my computer security system started to detect a malware. On every scan despite deleting it before. What a man to do? So I restored the entire system. A few good files did not survive on the way. But what are a few when we are talking about entire system? To my surprise and disappointment, my security center started to detect the same malware immediately after system restoration. Their number grew immensely. The scanning became routine and took at least half of the computer work time. Several times I would get scared and order a system lockdown to prevent intrusion. Finally my computer stopped performing and crushed. I managed to backup my files and restored the system yet again. This time I decided to use another protection system. The new system (quite reputable) did not identify any threat yet. So far computer works fine. Maybe, this calm will be short lived but I am enjoying it. And I wonder which security system was (or is) right?


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