How fast are you driving?

July 30, 2008

According to National Survey of Speeding and Unsafe Driving Attitudes and Behavior: 2002, about 78% of respondents had admitted exceeding speed limit in the past month. I don’t think any of them lied. I am not so sure about other 22%. So it would be pretty safe to say that majority of Americans break the law. This becomes an unhealthy wink-wink morale situation when most of us, normally law abiding citizens, tend to ignore a particular law, which if applied consistently could create massive line to the traffic courts. The constant cat and mouse game with police creates only additional hazard on the highways. What is your first reaction when you see a car standing on the shoulder? Now think of police car standing on the shoulder? And now think about a car that goes behind you, and may not necessarily see the police car as fast as you do. So, does the police speed-trap fight unsafe driving or rather creates a dangerous situation? As per my personal observation, I do not see as many drivers going significantly or at all over the speed limit where the limit is 65 mph or higher. May be Montana had it right and all we need is driving reasonably and prudent?


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